7 Healthy & Tasty Snack Ideas For The Road Travel, Workouts...
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It is always a good idea to have some healthy, tasty snacks on you for when hunger strikes. Healthy snacks on the go are perfect for when we need a little bit of energy before or after workouts, before work, while traveling, and more! Healthy foods on the go can also be great if you want to avoid fast food options that are not very healthy. In this article, We will share 7 Healthy & Tasty Snack Ideas For The Road: Travel, Workouts…

1. Healthy Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are a healthy dessert option that can be enjoyed on the go. Healthy meringue cookies are one of the favorite snacks in between meals or need to get some energy before or after workouts. The ingredients list consists mainly of sugar, egg whites, and cornstarch; there’s no butter involved which makes this recipe even healthier! Healthy Meringue Cookies do not take long to make but keep them stored in an airtight container because they tend to dry out quickly. If you want your meringues softer store them with a piece of bread overnight wrapped tightly in plastic wrap first.

Healthy Tip: Store all your dried goods like pasta, rice, cereal, etc., in sealed containers to keep them fresh.

Healthy Tip: Healthy Meringue Cookies are perfect for a quick snack on the go but once they’ve lost their freshness, they tend to dry out quickly.

2. Healthy Granola Bars

Making a granola bar is actually quite easy. If you have to buy some of the ingredients, like raisins and nuts in bulk, it can be a bit more pricey than just making your own box (since usually the products are subsidized by their maker). There’s really no good way around that.

The key is to get oats — not Quaker or any other kind of grain but oatmeal — from your local grocery store or big-box supermarket, since those will be less expensive in bulk size and easier for home cooks at the start given what we know about eating healthy on an average budget. You also need powdered skim milk — found on the shelves near cereal and ready-made mashed potato powder sometimes including the salt and butter or margarine already in the mix.

Healthy Tip: Granola Bars are a great option for snacks on the go, but they can be more expensive than other healthy options like nuts. It is best to find an affordable granola bar recipe that you love so it will motivate you to eat them often!

Healthy Tip: Be sure not to eat too many at once because healthy snacks that have a high sugar content can give us energy spikes followed by crashing lows which leads back to snacking.

3. Healthy Trail Mix

Healthy Trail Mix is a delicious way to get in some protein, fruit, and seeds on the go. Typically, Healthy Trail Mix contains nuts (walnuts, almonds), rolled oats, dried fruits (cranberries, apricots), and pumpkin seeds. And even though it is a no-bake recipe and takes about 10 minutes to make you will feel like you are indulging in something sweet as this mix includes just enough honey to create that sweetness for those with indulgent taste buds!

Wrap Up: Eating healthy trail mix might sound like a strange top at first but think about it this way – we know fruits provide the nutrients needed for health but what about other snacks? If they’re all processed foods then won’t these Healthy Trail Mix snacks offer some benefits for health? Healthy Trail Mix is a great option because it has protein, fruit, and vegetable seeds that will help you stay full.

Healthy Tip: Healthy foods are not only about eating healthy but also make sure to balance your diet by planning what you eat in advance so one food does not take over everything else.

Healthy Tip: Remember the old saying “everything in moderation”? If we snack on too many of these Healthy Trail Mix snacks at once then they could be considered unhealthy! Try making smaller batches or pack just enough for an hour’s worth of meals ahead of time. Eating healthy can sometimes mean more than simply changing out one processed food with another if that replacement doesn’t have any nutritional value behind it.

4. Healthy Yogurt Cups

 Healthy Yogurt cups are a new type of healthy yogurt snack that’s made with the Acai Puree which is higher in antioxidants with less sugar.

The sweetened base is made from Acai puree and honey, and it comes in three flavors: blueberry berry bliss, cherry tart, and mango tango. These flavored bases allow anyone to enjoy these yogurt snacks without excess artificial ingredients or sugar. The health benefits of eating a cup of these yogurts are substantial because they offer more antioxidants than most other fruit smoothies you may have had before. With less than ten calories per serving, there just isn’t much to love about this new innovative idea for those who want a healthy snack that doesn’t make you feel guilty.

Healthy Tip: Healthy snacks are not always about eating healthy and sometimes they can be unhealthy because of how much sugar is in them! The key to finding a “healthy” snack that won’t spike our blood sugar levels too high is sticking with fruits, vegetables, and nuts as these have the least amount of sugars in them.

5. Healthy Protein Wafers

They are low-calorie, high-protein snacks made to satisfy hunger without diet guilt.

They’re obviously unhealthy if your diet consists of nothing but these wafers, but what’s healthy about them is that they’re designed for occasional snacking and they contain more protein in one pack than an average person would get from all their food combined in one day (seriously). So if you need something to fill up between meals or want a yummy breakfast instead of brown toast with avocado every morning, Healthy Protein Wafers can provide great benefits for energy and heart health.

Healthy Protein Wafers are a tasty, crunchy alternative to higher-calorie snacks like chips or crackers. For example, this snack contains 7g of protein and 4g of fiber and as a result, is an excellent way to curb sugar cravings that can cause weight gain.

Made with specific blends of high-quality ingredients including pea protein isolate, brown rice flour, organic oats flour.

6. Chia Pudding in a Jar or Bowl

Chia pudding is a delicious and healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert that you can make in just 5 minutes. It’s creamy and kinda tastes like tapioca pudding. All you need to do is blend some soaked chia seeds with milk of your choice for 2-3 minutes until it reaches the desired consistency

Chayote is a sweet green vegetable that most often closely resembles pear shapes when cut crosswise. It has white flesh so it’s perfect for making into “root vegetables” such as Pumpkin Patch Soup (recipe link) but can be used in many dishes as both the main ingredient plus additional veggies or substitutions.

7. Fruit and Nutella on Toast for Breakfast or Snack

Fruit and Nutella on Toast is a quick, healthy, tasty, and easy breakfast that you can adapt in so many ways. You can use any kind of bread or toast – granola is also a good option. Or you could heat the fruit with milk to make it into porridge or it could be eaten as an appetizer before dinner with cheese, cold meats, or cheese provided as topping for the toast.

You may have heard about Pierre Dukan’s latest diet which doesn’t exclude anything and allows for what he calls “six small meals”. One meal he advises includes Fruit and Nutella on Toast made using brioche-style carbs (a type of enriched bread) with butter spread on top. 

We’ve shared 7 healthy & tasty snack ideas for the road. It is always a good idea to have some handy when hunger strikes, no matter where you are or what your plans include! Check out our list of options and let us know if we missed any that would be great on-the-go snacks.

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