About Us

Queens of Crumbs is designed to bring healthy snacks into your life, without the use of processed food, chemicals, preservatives, oils, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Eating clean is not always easy, especially when it comes to satisfying your cravings for something sweet or trying to find that perfect food to eat in between your meals. Whether you are looking to better your diet or seeking to lose weight, live a clean and healthy lifestyle, or build lean muscle mass with protein, we have a line of goodies to fit your needs.

It was a few years ago, Gilda realized that if she wanted to achieve her own fitness goals, working out alone would not suffice. 80% of what our bodies look like starts in the kitchen. Meaning, what we eat is most important. She did lots of research while experimenting in her kitchen, and in a short time, the combination of working out and eating clean changed her body. Friends and family soon recognized the difference, and before she knew it, she was baking for them too! It was these close and personal relationships that helped create Queens of Crumbs.

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